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Bob Dylan's art is still singing to our souls

July 7, 2020  •  The Dallas Morning News

One of the pleasant surprises of this summer is the release of a chart-topping album from Bob Dylan. At 79, Rough and Rowdy Ways makes him the first artist with a Billboard Top 40 album in every decade since the 1960s and the oldest musician to have led the Artist 100 Chart, surpassing Paul McCartney, who was 76 when he led in September 2018.

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Why we choose racism and how we can escape it

June 18, 2020  •  The Dallas Morning News

In one of his most perceptive writings, C.S. Lewis says that one of the most common temptations that leads people who are not yet bad to do very bad things is the desire to be part of an inner group — what Lewis calls the inner ring. "Unless you take measures to prevent it, this desire is going to be one of the chief motives of your life, from the moment you enter your profession until you are too old to care," Lewis writes. "If you do nothing about it, if you drift with the stream, you will in fact be an 'inner ringer.'"

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Isolated, angry and destructive — the America we can't have when we emerge

May 17, 2020  •  Dallas News

In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, America enjoyed a sense of unity that was, if short-lived, a dramatic reminder that we are a single people with a strong and good national spirit.

Like so many of us, I was reminded of that spirit in what so far has been one of the most hopeful and unifying public moments of the American response to the pandemic, former President George W. Bush's recent eloquent and moving plea for unity.

But the reality today is so much different. This time around, we can't seem to put away partisan vituperation during the crisis itself. Our national politics seems as toxic as ever, our divisions more deeply rooted and widespread.

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Solitude does not have to mean loneliness

April 5, 2020  •  Dallas News

Right now, so many of us are alone and separated from others that we are rightly thinking about the deleterious effects of isolation.

Indeed, it is no accident that isolation is one of the more serious punishments we inflict upon the incarcerated. In a recent New Yorker article, Robin Wright lays out the physical and psychological damage that prolonged loneliness can have. One of the most telling studies cited by Wright is predicated on neurological experiments of the different impact on our bodies of the presence and absence of physical touch.

Being alone can be, and so often is, painful and damaging.

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In America, Islamic intellectualism is enjoying a liberal revival

February 23, 2020  •  The Dallas Morning News

Could it be that a return to the past might provide a new way for the Islamic world to view and shape the future?

There has been much written and discussed about the contrast between contemporary, insular Muslim societies and the treasure of high intellectual and cultural achievement of Islam's ancient past.

The question that both Muslims and the broader world should be asking constantly is whether such a vision of Islamic civilization can be revived. And, if so, how?

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